Front-End Development


Circuit Baseball

                Circuit Baseball was a team project that I managed and worked on for my agile development senior project. Circuit Baseball is a youth baseball program that charges fees for its many summer baseball camps. We had two challenges in developing the site. The first was the need for a unique and lengthy signup process. The signup form needed to adapt and change depending on the user’s answers. We found and customized a contact form plugin that was able to fit that need. Second the clients needed to generate reports that would display different combinations of data for different needs. We were able to setup an addon that would create custom reports from the data stored in the database. They could then print this information for roster use or records. The client was extremely pleased with the project.

St. Johns West Bend

                St. John’s West Bend website was a large-scale project. Faced with a dated website, it was one of their organization’s top priorities to completely revamp it. After numerous meetings with the stakeholders to understand their expectations and concept, I determined the quote, platform and design for the project. Once all content was provided by the client, I built the foundation of the website. Midway through the project, the scope was widened to include additional pages and database elements. To meet this need, I hired an additional staff member to carry the project to completion with my supervision. The website is built in WordPress, and required some custom PHP code and HTML to achieve design and functionality goals.

Microscopy & Microanalysis

                Microscopy & Microanalysis is an annual project that I build every year for the past 6 years. I work with Cambridge and Discmakers in New Jersey to develop the site and transfer the contents to USB for mass distribution. The project requires creating a searchable JavaScript database of over two thousand PDF’s. I then use Microsoft excel formulas to combined provided data into HTML pages. I will also communicate with the customer to create and develop the design and artwork each year. The biggest challenge is the HTML, JavaScript and JQuery needs to function completely offline.

Prodigy One

                Prodigy One designs and installs high-end smart technology, and the client wanted their brand and website to reflect the elegance of their service. Branding was not yet set for this newly established business unit, so I assisted in creating the brand appearance and logo for them. I then collaborated with the client’s marketing associate to develop the website, including WordPress and PHP customization. A few years later, the client decided to mobilize the site, and I was engaged to rebuild it with a mobile WordPress theme utilizing a Bootstrap framework.

Christian Healthcare Ministries

Christian Healthcare Ministries has been working with me for 8 years. Together we have developed a HTML5 flipbook to deliver their monthly newsletter online. Recently we have been adding a HTML5 video player embedded in their newsletters.

Great Lakes Media Technology

                After a few months of Great Lakes Media Technology’s website being converted to HTML5, the marketing team and I felt it was time to expand the website by rebuilding it in WordPress with responsive design. We collaborated to develop wireframes, mockups and collected art assets. Once the design concept was approved, I built and launched the new website within a few short months. This new platform allowed the company to launch new content quicker, and enabled the use of Google Analytics for user tracking. We also launched an internal companion website containing tutorials and FAQ’s to enable the company’s sales team to better communicate with customers.

Great Lakes Media Technology (old)

                When I joined the staff at Great Lakes Media Technology, their website was built with tables, which was very outdated and incompatible with mobile technology. To resolve this, I manually corrected all of the code to remove the tables and rebuild the website with HTML5 and CSS3. After deliberation whether responsive design or a separate mobile website was the best future structure, it was decided that a mobile website would best meet the company’s needs. Therefore, using a JQuery library I built a mobile version of the website, enabling the JavaScript to detect and display the correct website on the users’ device. I also built several interactive pages for this website, including a wizard that allowed website visitors to connect with the sales person assigned to their geographic sales territory. I also created a website with specific iPad functionality that the sales team could use to demonstrate the company’s web design services.